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There are several reasons why I chose to embark
on such a daring exercise and I will mention a few.
First would be due to the many close friends I
have lost to violence.
Secondly comes from what I have repeatedly
preached and that is for those who have
experienced certain misfortunes in life to counsel
our youths.
Third For the transformation of colored youths
from prisons to success stories.
Fourth, as a black parent not wanting to see my
children shot dead either by police or their peers!
               Other News
There are always reasons to be terrified about the
unknown, but if heroes such as Mandella, Martin
Luther King or even Nanny of the Maroons underwent
hardships to change the culture and future of my
people, then the least I can do is continue the fight.
My challenge is to you bosses of your city to step
forth and help SQUASH some of these problems
between our youths by bringing affected parties to
the Negotiations Table.
          New Help Line
Ottawa youths who find themselves in need of
someone with whom to speak about life's threatening
conflicts can now call: 613-862-4384 for help...
The Police and Society have their ways of dealing with
troubled youths and at the end of it all it is up to each
individual to seek change or continue their reckless living.
This program is not funded or organized by Law
Enforcement but if debaters wish to have officers present
at the meeting that can be arranged.
                                                    Squash It Program: 
Is a program that offers youths in serious conflicts in and around the 613 AREA the opportunity to have
ME become their Moderator and help to end whatever quarrel they are involved in. Whenever your
disagreement reaches the point where Someone Must Die (and you know who you are) contact me and
our team will track down your nemesis and find a way to sort the problems out together. You may contact
me either through this website or any of my social sites or email me at Together we
just might save your life.
My Pledge & Offer...
A chance to get both parties around a table and I will MODERATE the debate. Whatever the issues we
will fight to find a solution and help to bridge the gap between enemies; before something unfortunate
happens where people are imprisoned, hospitalized or killed. Let's sort out the differences and smoke a
Peace Pipe. 
As a resident of Ottawa who cares about what happens in my city it would be criminal for me to take
note of the violence amongst youths and not try to intervene. Therefore I have launched this program
as an assistant for youths who find themselves in conflicts which have escalated beyond their control.
Finding ways to solve
youths' problems is
what we do! There are
many ways in these
modern days to get
uninterested parties to
the bargaining table.
With Skype and all
these new
devices, we will get to
the root of your
argument, before it is
toooo late.


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