Rhoan's Personal Thoughts...
The more things change the more they remain the same. If we simply sit back and allow the
wickedness to continue, then nothing will ever change permanently!
In memory of all my people killed and tortured for their belief...
Lord knows I hate offering my opinions on anything, but the fuckeries some people
participate in compelled me to speak my mind. Now, to know me is to appreciate the good
and the bad, as I’m not the model citizen nor am I the career criminal. There is only one
truth to any argument and like it or not that is all I serve up on this blog. Therefore, I
sincerely hope you enjoy the contents provided, now get your popcorn and beverage, sit
back, read or listen the material and Jah bless…

Mama's Struggles Now
When I think about the sacrifices
made to get me to this point, there
is no doubt I have a lot of
important people to thank. As a
youngster growing up and getting
into trouble, the thought that I was
hurting my loved ones was the
furthest concern to mind. In fact,
throughout the many lectures and
quarrels, I can still hear my mother
saying, ‘one day you’ll have kids of
your own’.
After analyzing the effects of
crimes committed by teens, the list
of victims is always multiplied, due
to the amount of lives affects.
People who are consumed with
themselves never tend to think
about the embarrassment passed
onto their loved ones through their
actions. The despicable crimes
committed by offenders lead
others to question the methods of
their upbringing. However, once
discovered that the child was
properly raised, what them? With
my mother’s prediction now a
reality, the task of raising my kids
honorably falls on my shoulders.
What must I as a parent do
differently to ensure my children
abstain from a troubled life? Some
would argue that you simply have
to let the chips fall where they may,
but I refuse to believe that. The
idea that my colored child must be
endorsed with a criminal record is
totally unacceptable, thus, I must
assert myself in the lives of my
children and their friends. Far too
many adults recognize our trending
lifestyle, where like father their
sons continue in their footsteps.
A poem to the Editor...
Dear Editor,
I can still feel the cold tight
handcuffs pressed against my
I can still remember being
chauffeured to the local jail house.
I can still hear the slams of barred
doors confining me.
I can still taste the frigid sandwich
given to eat.
I’ll never forget the prosecutor
painting my portrait to the judge.
Because the sentence handed
down by him was surreal
Grabba; Old Or New
Cancer Killer...
Some of us humans at times tend
to do damaging things to our
bodies without realizing it. But
when certain things are obvious,
why even indulge yourself? It is a
known fact that tobacco causes
cancer, however I've noticed that
there is an increase amongst
people using Grabba or raw
tobacco to help maintain a
constant burning of their
marijuana joint. In a number of
years when certain weed smokers
start getting diagnosed with
cancer, this will provide another
tool for governments to use in
their fight against legalizing one of
the best cures on the planet! By
itself marijuana is diagnosed and
used without causing any harmful
effects to the smokers' body,
therefore take my advice and if
you must burn, "Burn it alone"!!!
It is a sickening thought to know
that there are humans with such
hatred for other races that if
allowed they would annihilate every
last member of such people.
Whenever leaders with such beliefs
are caught by the United Nations
they are brought to pay for their
crimes, so why are entire
governments not paying the same
penalty? MONEY and CAPITAL
GAINS are the reasons why huge
corporations are still allowed to
pollute our atmosphere with toxic
chemicals. It is apparent that we
live in a visual society where
people only take note and believe
things seen with their own eyes,
well look at China and what its
people are forced to do in order to
avoid the outdoor air. If we leave it
up to these money craving
companies and governments we
too could be living as such.
Furthermore, do not be naive and
think that whatever destructive
activities happen half way around
the globe doesn't affect us! There
is a reason why GLOBAL
WARMING is happening and that is
because some people don't care
about the future of mankind.
You can either stand idly by while
your children cause you to hang
your head in shame or you can
uplift them to becoming a future
success story. There are
multitudes of reason to give up on
a sinking ship, but if you truly care
you’ll fight to keep it afloat
Relationship Corner...
I find it quite disturbing to hear
that there are many married men
whose wives seldom offer them
sexual intercourse. Why is there a
padlock on the pussy you
promised to love, honor and
cherish until the day you die? If
you were eloped through an
arranged marriage I quite
understand if you discover your
fiancée isn't regularly sexually
charged. But if you have been
slapping up that ass while
engaged, then what the fuck
happened to that chick since she
got the ring?
Here lies one of the main reasons
why some men cheat!

Developing Inspiration
From Mad-Men...
Because we’re not all blessed with
leadership qualifications, there are
those followers who inherently
become sacrifices. The great
question, ‘why am I here’, has led
many to the teachings of Mad-Men,
whose philosophy and lessons of
hatred often fill the cups of those
seeking a cause. Poverty and lack
of education play key roles in the
recruitment of followers, because
opportunity in many regions are
none existent. Therefore, it
becomes easy for a starving child
to support terrorism, once their
stomachs and brains had been
deceived by Mad-Men.
My Brother, my Friend, if you are
being taught to strap a bomb to
your chest in support of anything,
then you are clearly being
deceived. As a nationalist from the
East who have relocated to the
West, you should yearn to have
your families and friends back
home enjoy the safety and freedom
westerners enjoy. Therefore,
instead of returning to your
homeland in support of terrorism,
why not appeal to those who have
been deceived by Mad-Men and
join forces to help them develop a
country free from terrorists.
Eradication of terrorism starts with

Targeted From Birth...
I am a Jamaican national who
resides in Canada and after twenty
plus years in this country, I’ve
grown frustrated with the
treatment which people of other
ethnic groups have faced since the
creation of the law. I’ve heard
countless of people say, “if I knew
back then what I know today I
would be —–”. Fact is we at Triple
B have observed that practically
zero of the multi ethnic groups in
Canada, have mentors who are
important aspects of this country.
As a black man like Obama, I would
love to witness Canada elect it’s
first ethnic Prime Minister, but we’
re still miles from shore. Facts, in
Canada the police have ensured
failure of our young ethnic youths,
who are targeted from a young
age. A criminal records I believe is
the most destructive element
against our youths, because as a
criminal you’re of less worth than
an illegal alien. Officers are trained
to continue oppressing the
oppressed, so they remain the
poorer majority. We’re not by any
means justifying the acts of
wrongdoers, but rather attempting
to guide or change the characters
of individuals. Once you have been
accessed a criminal record, major
doors which could be opened to
you in the future becomes that
much harder to open. Your
chances of gaining a pardon to
erase wrongness from your record
require a three year abstinence
from crime, which quite often
results in some individuals being
accessed another charge should
they continue on such reckless
path. Travelling, forget certain
countries because a record of any
nature will automatically get you
rejected, and wavers are as
difficult and complex as a penny
dollar. Heck, quite often even your
criminal sibling will interfere in
your bid to join certain faculties,
such as law enforcement etc. Our
goal is to create the FIRST
whatever you chose to be,
because we believe that regardless
of your upbringing, weather you’re
from an abusive home, were
molested, had a prostitute parent,
grew up in poverty and knows
nothing else, yes you can become
the FIRST tomorrow. We all have
our own personal aspirations and I’
m praying you think about yours
before you hop into that next
vehicle with your friend who you
know is about to pick up their
criminal record
Relationship Corner...
The birds and the bees will never
hook up, but that hot little number
or that handsome fellow you got
your eye on just might end up in
your bed. I can’t emphasize
enough exactly how different we
all are, thus everyone has their
personal likes and dislikes. In this
world we got beautiful, ugly, fat,
slender, sickly, healthy, physically
challenged, dwarfs and everything
in between. Then there are the
wealthy class, moderate and poor,
but regardless of anyone’s status
we all feel pain, get sick and die.
Each day we go about our
business we observe someone we
believe could bring happiness and
a lifetime of pleasure. But like
Caribbean Folks say, “to see me
and live with me is two different
issues”. Therefore as hot as that
sexy ass female might be, or as
stunning as that fine gentleman
might look, you could very well
regret the day you guys met. (Use
Protection) that shit will save you
a lifetime of misery. And dispose
of your protection personally,
cause that shit could also save
you a lifetime of misery. The world
is polluted and people add to the
pollution with their bullshit, to the
individual contemplating killing
yourself because your perceived
life-mate had abandoned you, fuck
that looser it’s their loss move on.
The hunt for intimacy have led
many to their graves by means of
sexually transmitted diseases, like
Eddie said, ‘I’ve thrown my dick on
the crap table many a nights’, but
many have lost at that crucial
game. {RIP Andrew Flowers}
Therefore my first message on
this first issue of Relationship
Corner, Use Protection.

In Defense Of Your
The love and honor I have for my
brother will never allow me to
stand aside while some stranger
beat him up. At the same token I
can’t watch as the same intolerable
episode befall any of my family
members or close friends. While I’ll
abstain from exchanging blows, I
will assist in bringing the conflict to
an end. There is a certain sense of
obligation to leaders of households
to protect those whom they truly
love. Hence, if I belonged to an
organization of brotherhood and
someone harmed any of my
brothers, am I not obligated to
As a youth growing up I’ve gone to
great lengths to help protect my
brethren. I can recall times where I
found myself in the middle of other
people’s battles and was lucky
enough to survive the conflict.
There is absolutely nothing wrong
with trying to support what’s right,
but do you have the courage to let
the offender know that they are
wrong? And is the person you are
in support of willing to listen to
The gang terminology has forced
Ottawa’s lawmakers to implement
laws where should you be
considered a member your jail time
is set mandatory. But in all
retrospect there is nothing wrong
with a gang. The word gang, which
is described as a group of
individuals who belong to a
common body, can be translated to
any sports team, worshipers of a
church, the police force, a fire
house team etc. Thus the main
difference for gang bangers
achieving such rewards must be
their activities. There will always be
leaders and those who follow, but
as a youth you must consider who
your brethren is and the lengths
you are willing to go for them.
The Essence Of The
Colored Man...
Quite often a colored youth gets
killed, at-which the various Ethnic
Communities rally to assert their
displeasures at the system. The
fact of the matter is weather you
blame the law makers for the
weapons that caused the incident
or the accused for committing the
crime; a body lies dead in the
morgue and many other lives are
seriously affected. Even if you go
as far as to blame the parents for
the crimes their children commit,
that does nothing to stop the next
murder from occurring. Human
traits, since the days of our
conception have produced jealous,
envious and hateful beings, who
would rather witness us all fail
than any succeed. Hence, with all
our inherited flaws, how do we as
a people put a stop to all these
senseless killings?
My fellow gangsters who REP their
hoods and run the streets need to
study themselves and decipher
what it is they desire for
themselves from life. You can have
fifteen minutes of fame, where you
put in a little hustle, make some
money, buy a nice ride, cop some
new gear and swear you’re being
cautious; until the day you get that
one traffic stop or have the cops
kick your front door in. Then
comes the legal troubles where
your riches becomes some lawyer’
s, and the real pain of your ordeal
is endured by those who truly care
about you. My gangster peers I too
have been a victim of mistaking
and aligning my friend’s desires in
life with mine. For a portion of my
life I forgot about my childhood
dreams and replaced those with
whatever the streets required us to
do to get paid. Hustlers are go-
getters who come from different
creed, with a determination to live
the lives of kings without
sometimes studying the cost. The
cost of your decision takes us
back to colored youths being killed
or for that matter locked behind
I am yet to meet a single youngster
who absolutely loves the nutrition,
the rules and the confinement
awarded by prisons across this
country. “Y’all stop fronting” and
tell your brothers and families
members how awful the food is,
how is it getting told basically what
to do like a child, what it’s like
missing your kids and loved ones,
simply the truth about the prison
ordeal. We must ourselves break
the cycle of out Ethnic youths
murdering each other and going to
Often times we loose our
youngsters to the gimmicks of
friends and those of the streets.
There are no easy solutions to
give a child who is hungry, with no
electricity or running water at
home. But every human dreams of
success and if that child is willing
to exert the efforts desired to get
paid from selling drugs, then that
child can use the same
determination to become
something else. The treatment
awarded by our society leaders
have forced impoverished females
into prostitution, which
automatically increases their
chances to being murdered or
After three hundred years of
slavery we are behind the times as
a people. We have gone from the
chains of slave masters to the
handcuffs and shackles of law
enforcement, coincidence you may
believe, I think not. Instead of
housing the government’s unbuilt
prisons, it’s time we start housing
congress while advancing and
transforming the thinking of our
ethnic youths. I know the youths
wish to get paid, it’s time they do it
through legitimate careers, which
will undoubtedly leave them with
less stress and a clean criminal

The Evolution Of
With the modernization of the
times, philosophers who’ve
governed over great nations that
were primarily formed through the
blood and sweat of immigrants,
studied the failures of foreign
rulers who’ve sought better lives
for their citizens. After studying
the paths of leaders such as Hitler
and Alexander the Great, whose
principal reasons for failure were
their infinite greed to conquer; the
overall theme of these men’s
concerns to feed their people,
became the common goal realised.
The perilous judgements offered to
inflictors of genocide by the World’
s Court, protruded such
philosophers from simply
massacring people of ethnic
cultures, hence formulated the
‘racial don’t ask, don’t tell policy’.  
To maintain a continued availability
of employment for certain races,
specific guidelines were
implemented to derail certain
classes from qualifying for certain
positions. These new lands on
which I dwell were first inhabited
by Indians of various breeds, who’
ve been mistreated and robbed of
their lands. This embed genocide
has gone un-addressed for too
long, as these are the reasons so
many ethnic youths are behind
bars, striving harder to survive and
constantly battling with police. We
live in a diverse culture where no
two people are exactly alike, it is
only through the powers of the law
that ethnic employees are hired
into many positions and ethnic
citizens still experience racial
treatments daily. In order to
achieve you must first know where
you are coming from and what you’
re up against. People often
misinterpret our endeavors to
assist others to greatness, we
know that through knowledge
comes progression and will always
try to advance our ethnic youths…
“Not everyone was born from the
perfect mold from which I was
created, therefore you peasants
should kiss my ass and worship
the very ground on which I trod.
Do you fucking idiots understand
English or are you fucking illiterate
and can’t read? I wish your stupid
ass was never born, you dumb
Many children are raised in homes
where these verbal and physical
abuses are a constant normal.
Until you have been imprisoned
you’ll never know what it’s like to
be molded into something, your
personality typically would reject.
As the first life tutors for your
children, parents should be
cognitive that their kids are
products of what they have
managed to develop; therefore,
send a beast into the world and
expect destruction. There are
subtle differences between
children from single infant homes,
those raised with siblings, both
parents, single parent and now
same sex parents. Regardless of
the differences at home, it is
essential that every child practices
empathy and show respect to
others, whether they be of a
different creed or struggling with a
handicap. The act of bullying is
taught by most parents, whose
insults and demeanor are traits the
children believe normal and thus
behave accordingly.
Unfortunately today solving the
bullying issue isn’t as textbook as
getting our underpaid and
frustrated parents to begin
behaving more responsibly. Our
world today consists of children
growing with medical issues and
others tackling serious
circumstances that most adults
never encounter. It is hard, not
impossible to get two warring
countries to live civil, hence it is
guaranteed that youths are going
to disagree, but every
disagreement can be rectified.
Quite often a hatred is developed
from one pupil to the next for
whatever reason; which eventually
escalates to physical
confrontation. The results from
such conflicts is generally
traumatizing for those being hated
against, to where they go to
extremes to avoid being bullied.
Not everyone reacts to being
threatened the same, either they
cower in fear or retaliate with
violence. Therefore it is essential
that we get the heroes and roll-
models whom children look up to,
to become mediators in solving the
smallest issues between our
youths. Help the next generation
so they can live respectfully and
stop bullying
Take Marijuana off the list of
dangerous and destructive drugs. I
am not nor will I ever be a
Hypocrite, therefore as a true
Rasta who burns his Ganja, let me
shed my thoughts on the green
battle. I am confident that through
history the greed of conquering
nations have led may conquerors
to unknowingly destroy certain
plants and herbs, that were used
by the locals to cure and treat
many of the ailments we encounter
today. Such is the reason why
scientists often explore the
antioxidants found in plants and
herbs to create serums and
medications to treat or cure the
Amongst the rare plants that
survived the tyranny of men, was
the great Cannabis Plant, which
has grown in several countries
around the world. The controversy
surrounding the plant had led
many to supporting those
incapable of smoking the potent
hallucinogen, hence they confine
and charge those found with weed
in their possession and fight to
have it abolished. But would these
same people abolish Tylenol or
their prescribed medication if a
bunch of people decided to reject
the drugs.
Today many chronic pain patients,
depressions and others receive
relieving treatment from their
regular use of Marijuana. Weed is
prescribed for patients with a vast
array of illnesses, therefore it’s
time our governments started
regulating the drug and procure
tax dollars, which could be used to
strengthen our economy and
communities. Instead of continuing
this insane cycle of incarcerating
people for dealing or smoking
weed, let’s finally wake up and
implement laws similar to tobacco.
Like I stated I’m no hypocrite, so I
won’t use the distinctions between
cigarettes and alcohol except to
state that, “no one had ever over-
dosed off Marijuana!” I’ve studied
the human trait since I was a
youngin, and I’ve noticed one thing
about those who smoke weed,
which is that they are some of the
world’s most humblest and peace
loving people on this planet. It’s
time we put an end to this
madness about marijuana, which I
don’t propose that children with
developing brains consume; but
rather end the propaganda and
implement a global weed trade to
stop destroying, and heal the
Relationship Corner...
Cheaters’ special
It is no easy task to love, honor
and cherish one person for an
entire life time, but there are those
who’ve beaten the odds and lived
to appreciate the affections of one
lover. Quite often I get into
debates with friends about the
requirements to staying with one
mate; yes you heard me right,
‘Requirements’. Hence, it is
required that you both have similar
principles, first of which being
‘US’! Trust me, once a solid ‘us’ is
established only death can
Today there are many forms of
couples, who participate in affairs
from swingers gatherings to the
hiring of intimacy escorts, to
appease the desires of
overzealous lovers. Regardless of
your circumstance, in order for
your relationship to prosper, you
and your mate must secure a bond
unlike any other. Often enough
two souls begin a relationship like
a heated volcano, where the
passionate love sequences seem
like a never ending stream.
However, over time the sex slowly
dwindles, until some partners have
to make an appointment to get
some loving. For those who’ve
developed medical problems that
prevents sexual intercourse, their
reasons are justified. But for those
entering relationships with the
seriousness of maintaining, note
that the rejection to sex only
strengthens to drive your mate
into someone else’s bed

Bigman Stop Molest
The Children...
What drives an adult to fondle or
molest children? Even if you
provided a scientificly proven
answer I wouldn’t give a thought to
considering it. Like I’ve said,
offenders of disgraceful acts rarely
think about their loved ones before
committing their vile offense.
Hence, once they have been done
away with, it is always the loved
ones who suffer the humiliation
that derived. Often times friends
suffer as much as family, as was
the case with Coach Paterno of
Penn State who died from the
public humiliation brought out from
his assistant’s molestation
charges. The thought of adults
paying handsomely to sexually
rape children and child handlers
who subconsciously sell kids is
appalling. No one could ever return
the innocence stolen from the
young ladies abducted and found
in Cleveland, or return the lives of
those killed by these psychotic
individual. My belief is that such
offenders should receive equal
punishment for the lifetime wounds
they create, Primitive Animals
should get treated like the Primitive
Animals they
I was taught never to be a
hypocrite and always tell people
how you truly feel, so "FUCK YOU
CANCER", I hope you rot in hell!
"NO"! The more things change
technologically is the same certain
things will remain. Black folks are very
optimistic people, who see the best in
situations even when everything points
the opposite. As a child I can
remember hearing older folks say "in
time all these bigots will die out and
everything will change", but that
dream will never come to fruition.
Because those bigots teach their
children to live as they did, with
hatred for nothing other than the color
of your skin. No matter how much
love, kindness or respect offered to
certain people, they will still hate you
just the same. While I commend those
who have reached out to break the
stigma, let's make one thing perfectly
clear, racist folks will never accept
you. So for those who bleach their
skin, those of other ethnicity who
believe your skin complexion is almost
similar to that of pure bred whites,
you will never be accepted in their
Pagans-Stop Offending
If you could possibly put yourself
in a Nazi Concentration  camp
and imagine the guards taking
away your friends to the gas
chamber, knowing that when
they return you are slated to go
next. Hold your breath ///
Put yourself in Hiroshima where
you are going about your daily
activity and from the sky an
atomic bomb is dropped on your
village. You see the massive
explosion from a distance and
watch as the poisonous gas
sweep across the plains  
towards you. Hold your breath ///
Imagine yourself as a slave
being led into a room where a
paper bag is placed over your
head and you are then forced to
have sexual relations with your
own mother. Hold your breath ///
New visitors come to your
island, with love and friendship
you welcome them, feed them
only to have them round up all
your people and slaughter them
for your land and all its precious
minerals. Hold your breath ///
Imagine living beside warring
neighbors whose hatred for your
people leads them to invade
your village, where they commit
atrocious acts of genocide by
chopping residents to death with
machetes. You are corned by
some of these vicious men who
move in to sever your head.
Hold your breath ///
Now breathe and imagine the
horrors that were those people's
last minutes on this earth. Some
people act as if wickedness only
began recently, when in fact
man have been killing each other
since the beginning of time. All
these people called on the name
of God before dying, and if the
Lord didn't mystically appear to
save them, then what makes
you any more special!? God
didn't commit any of these
offenses, MAN did...
In life you can live by the laws of the
good book, love thy neighbor, work
hard, abstain from drugs and alcohol
and take care of family, nevertheless
you are still likely to die of some
disease, some natural cause such as
tornadoes etc, car accident or even
murder; therefore life simply has no
Relationship Corner
The love of a good woman is like
sailing smooth through all sorts of
storms, but the wrong bitch will
definitely crash and destroy your
I love my skin, BLACK I was born, have been hated and mistreated for not who I am, but rather the color
of my skin. So why should I try to look like my oppressors when I'm proud of the way I was conceived? I
was born BLACK and will go to my grave as such, a proud BLACK MAN.

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